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June Student Loan Update

Yesenia Rivera

Sorry I am a little late posting this update. June has come and gone. I am still on time with my student loan payments. I am take advantage of the auto draft so that it reduces  my interest.



Payment Date Payment Amount Applied to Principal Applied to Interest Applied to Fees* Payment Type
06/15/2018 $349.08 $29.37 $319.71 $0.00 Auto Debit




As of 4/19/2018 my balance is $62,907.88

My balance as of 7/3/2018 is $62,756.04

When you purchase something from my website, profits will go to maintaining this site, minus state and local taxes, and finally my student loans. No additional payments were made for month of June, just the regular payment was made.

I just want to say thank you to those who have bought from my site.


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