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News — Student loans

Decemeber Student Loan Update

Finally I am chipping away at my student loans.As of 12/18/2019 my balance is $61,204.22 Last month i was at $61,854.47, I have been able to pay $650.25, which makes this payment an extra $206.36 thank you to all who have been contributing to and following me on this journey of paying off my student loan debt

November 9th 2019 Student Loan Update

November is here. The 15th I make my regular monthly payment of $443.00I made a $100.00 payment on 11/9/2019 at 6:40 PM Est. Thanks to your support. Remember when you buy from this site or at any of my other locations. You are help me pay off this debit.   Amount as of 11/9/2019 is $61,854.47 (this is the balance before the 2 payments are applied.)

September 2019 - Student Loan Progress

Yesenia Rivera

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Thank you all.Because of your purchases I have been able to pay extra on my  student loan payments. Amount is finally getting less and less. I am excited about this.The extra payments are coming from AMAZON, Etsy, Younique, Mercari, and my Shopify Store. thank you again :-) Payment Date Payment Amount Applied to Principal Applied to Interest Applied to Fees* Payment Type 9/17/2019 $443.89 $66.31 $377.58 $0.00 Electronic 8/29/2019 $500.00 $127.06 $372.94 $0.00 Electronic 8/26/2019 $59.00 $48.41 $10.59 $0.00 Electronic 8/15/2019 $443.89 $53.27 $390.62 $0.00 Electronic

July Student Loan Update

Yesenia Rivera

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So..July is here and we're half way through this month already. Oh boy how time does fly. I am still making my month payments, not late or anything. Still seems like I'm am making little head room. $62,856.23 is my balance as of 7/17/2018 on 7/3/2018 my balance was 7/3/2018 is $62,756.04 in 14 days i accrued $100.19 in interest, Still waiting on my 7/15/2018 payment to post. Seems like nelnet takes for ever to process payments. Still playing Givling, still hoping for my chance to get this monster paid off. Invite code: YR957724

April Student Loan Update

Yesenia Rivera

Tags Student loans

April Student Loan Update