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Become A Vendor

So you want to be a vendor on my site.
I have a few rules about selling items on my site. You cannot under any circumstance sell any license items, unless you have documents stating you are legally able to sell them. If the fabric states not for commercial use, you are not allow to list it on my site. NO copyrighted ITEMS.
NO Tobaccoo
Nothing that will get me, as the website owner in trouble. If you have to ask don't list it.

Please be mindful, remember you wouldn't like anyone else selling something you created.


Anywhy, so now for the vendor part.

1.Traffic, there is traffic to  my site. but i would like to increase the traffic to it. if you do decide to become a vendor. Please do your part in getting this website out there. I will do my best to get traffic also.

2. Payment. you will be paid when an item sells. I take a certain amount and so does the 3rd party app, along with stripe. Be sure to read your information on fees.
Vendors will receive the funds within 3-5 business days.

3. how to contact me
I do my best to respond as quickly as possible. I work a 9to5 job, plus run my personal business. best way to reach me is by Facebook @riverasboutique or email @
other contact information will be provided after signing up.

4. is there a cost to join?
At this time no charge aside from the commission. It is free to join. but eventually this may change.There is a 10% commission fee. This covers for the time I spend creating your listing. This fee will also cover the cost for advertising done by me. new Items will be posted on twitter, pinterest, and Instagram and on my Facebook page wall. You are more then welcome to post to your site also. The more people we get the more and more traffic we get.

5. Inventory: you are responsible for shipping the item.
you items should be listed in a way that you cover the shipping cost if it is free, so include it in the price or let me know how much the shipping charges are. I usually ship first class $3.00 16oz or less. After that i ship priority mail.

After you are approved you will need to provide me images, description, and other details on about the items you are wanting to list.
inventory of 10 or more items, I will send you a csv you will have to add them there.


Fill out the form below. I will need your email so that i can send you your link to get started.