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Special Orders

Special Orders

I do special order requests.
Special Orders start at $45.00 unless other wise stated.

If you have fabric that you would like some outfits made out of. please email me
I charge $8.00 per piece requested. light weight fabric only.



I also do wholesale requests. Wholesale prices start $10.00 per piece for simple peasant dresses, Add $2.00 for long sleeves and size 4T and 5T sizes. $12.00 for dresses that have ruffles Size 1T - 3T, add $2.00 for long sleeve and for size 4T and 5T.



Ordering sizes

1T- 3T 1 count each size 3 x $10.00 = $30
4T, 5T 1 count each size 2 x $12.00 = $24 ($2.00 add. for size 4T and 5T)

Minimum for wholesale is $100

Please email, I will respond within 1 hour of receiving your email

For 10 pieces, please allow up to 5 business days.
For larger orders over 10 pieces, please allow up to 1 to 2 weeks to complete.

Styles are always available. Patterns are dependent on market availability.